The Difference Between Pho And Ramen

What is Pho?

Pho is a Vietnamese dish that has clear aromatic broth, rice noodles as well as thinly sliced beef.

Pho is a famous and most loved Vietnamese breakfast. People usually prepare fresh soup early in the morning.

You can get this soup early in the morning from the side-street restaurants. In the morning, this soup runs out very soon.

Though, you can get Pho across different parts of the day in Vietnam around the country.

However, you keep in mind that the pho for breakfast is a common ritual in Vietnam.

It is popular in Vietnam as if breakfast is famous in the USA.

The taste of the Pho

When you taste the Pho for the very first time, you would be surprised to taste the depths and complex flavors of the transparently clear broth.

Pho is made of beef stock or chicken usually. People use multiple combinations of spices and aromatics in the recipe.

They are responsible for restorative reputation. Usually, the Vietnamese pour the whole spices in the Pho.

For instance, they pour the whole cinnamons, peppercorns, star anise, and other ground spices to keep the broth as clear as possible.

In the end, you will taste the balanced flavors of the Pho.

What is Ramen?

Ramen is a noodle dish, which consists of a rich bone broth. It is a chewy wheat noodle as well as sliced pork.

The ramen is topped with fresh scallions and soft-boiled eggs. You can get the instant ramen packets in the market.

Users usually just microwave the instant ramen in the microwave.

But the preparation of the traditional ramen noodles is quite difficult.

The broth, which chefs use in the fresh ramennoodles, needs a good amount of time to develop its signature flavor.

This is why the dish remains sopopular. Chicken parts of the pork are also slow-cooked in the broth.

The broth breaks down in the joints and skin, which creates a thick and well-bodied bone broth.

You can also achieve the dry powder packet alone in the Ramen noodles.

Difference between Pho and Ramen

There is a good difference between the Pho and Ramen. The details of differences between Ramen and Pho are below:

1.      The Nationality of the Pho and Ramen

The Pho is a Vietnamese popular breakfast recipe whereas the Ramen is the Japanese recipe.

2.      The Noodles of the Pho and Ramen

The Pho recipe uses the rice noodles along with the herbal broth. But the ramen utilizes the hearty broth and the wheat noodles.

3.      The Texture of Pho and Ramen Noodles

If you compare and contrast the Pho and Ramen, you will notice the difference between Pho and Ramen noodles texture. The Pho noodles have translucent and soft but the noodles in ramen are chewy and firm.

4.      The Broth of the Pho and Ramen

There is also a good difference between the broth of the Pho and Ramen.

The broth of the Pho is clear and thin. On the other hand, the broth of the Ramen is quite cloudy and dark.

What’s Better Pho Or Ramen?

According to the experts, the Ramen is the superior soup in all aspects. The Ramen packs a good punch of the flavors in its dark and cloudy broth.

The Pho struggles to deliver the punches of flavor to the enthusiasts even though the Pho plate is offered along with the plate of the sides.

The plate of Pho and Ramen comes along with the chili, lemon, mint, and other varieties.

Ramen wins against Pho in all aspects because Ramen is a complete dish. When you taste Ramen, you will agree with us that it is not an additional dish.

It is a complete dish – no other spice can complete Ramen. But spices can only enhance the overall taste of the ramen.

Ramen is also better than Pho because there are large varieties of Ramen soup available in the market.

Also, if you consider the toppings of the soup, Ramen wins from Pho in this perspective as well.

So, Ramen is better than Pho in all aspects.

Is Pho Healthy Or Unhealthy?

There are downsides to the Pho as well. The only downside is the higher quantity of sodium available in the soup.

The bases of the Pho soup and the broth are quite high in sodium.

Having a great amount of sodium per day can cause higher blood pressure and other health condition.

There is a solution to this problem. You should prepare the chicken or meat broth for the Pho. Do not just purchase from the street-side vendor.

The calories of the Pho soup are also higher. The calorie content of the soup varies from one person to another.

Pho soup is made of the rice noodle and beef, which is high in fibers.

So, soup enthusiasts can use brown rice for enhancing the overall taste and lowering the calorie count of the soup.

Thus, we come to our conclusion that Pho is a healthy soup. Eaters just have to take into consideration the calories of the soup.

So, limit the intake of the quantity of the soup. So, have good control over the portion size of your Pho.

Then, you will receive all kinds of benefits from the Pho soup.

Is It Rude To Drink Pho From Bowl?

Yes. It is considered quite rude to drink from the Pho bowl. It is recommended that you do not slurp the Pho from the bowl.

Also, do not lift the bowl from the table or eat by hand. These are the regular rules to follow for drinking Pho soup.

What Is A Pho Bowl?

Pho bowl is a noodle soup that is beef or chicken broth-based. It is a clear broth soup with rice noodles.

Chefs use curious spices for increasing their taste.

Why Is Pho So Popular?

Pho came to the United States of America after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Since then, Pho had also become the favorite of the Americans.

Its curious and well-balanced spice taste had also increased its popularity.

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