Difference Between Leopard And Cheetah

At first glance, these two big cats can look very similar. Majestic, graceful, deadly, and proud.

Both members of the big cat family; native inhabitants of Africa; in beautiful golden stained fur coats; and both formidable hunters.

But what makes the cheetah and leopard different?

Each of these animals is perfectly adapted to its habitat, something evident in its physical form and behavior.

And this is where the most outstanding differences are found.

Here’s how to tell them apart when you’re around them on your next safari adventure.


Unlike leopards, cheetahs have a fine black line that runs from the tear duct of the eye to the corners of the mouth.

Beyond its aesthetic delicacy, its function is to absorb light while chasing its prey at full speed.

The cheetah is the fastest mammal in the world. It can go from 0 to 100 kilometers in just three seconds.

And it needs all the help possible to achieve it.

Eye color:

Another feature that will help us distinguish between cheetah and leopard is also found in his face, although in this case, it is his eyes.

Although the shape is usually similar, its color varies depending on the species.

While cheetahs tend to have rather dark eyes, leopards generally have light eyes, either green or blue.

A small detail that will help you to recognize which animal it is by observing them in photographs.


The leopard is the feline with the largest habitat in the world. It is found mainly in South and East Africa.

But it is also present in the Middle East, India, and East Asia.

Although sadly its distribution in these territories is less and less due to human action.

Lifestyle and hunting:

The bodies of both felines are perfectly adapted to their respective lifestyles.

The leopard spends much of its time resting on the trees. So, its fur provides the perfect camouflage to wait quietly in the heights for the moment to pounce on its prey.

As night falls, the leopards leave their comfortable branches to go out in search of food.

Without making the slightest noise. It sneaks through the tall grasses of the savannah, trying to encircle its prey as closely as possible.

As soon as he is sure there is no escape, he will jump on her and finish the job with a lethal bite on the back of his neck.

Are cheetah and leopard are same?

They may look identical, but cheetah and leopard do not have the same coat.

The cheetah’s wonderful fur coat is adorned with infinite uniform black spots.

And is somewhat thicker than the leopard. Especially on the neck and tail — ending with a graceful white streak.

Interestingly, the specks that decorate the cheetahs’ tails are different from each other, allowing them to be differentiated individually.

Cheetah and leopard do not have identical fur

In the case of the leopard, its spots are not uniform at all but vary depending on its location. Thus, his face is dotted with small smooth black dots.

Cheetahs are capable of reaching 100 km / h in short distances. For its part, the leopard “only” can reach 60 km / h.

On the other hand, its physical strength is notably superior to that of the cheetah, as is well indicated by its robust appearance.

Its powerful anterior muscles and retractable claws.

It is similar to those of domestic cats – allow them to climb to the top of trees, where they spend most of their time.

Who is a stronger leopard or cheetah?

Leopards are the smallest of the cats. But is stronger and bulkier than the cheetah.

Cheetah is taller and slender in build compared to leopards which are stronger and bulkier.

Can cheetahs mate with leopards?

Cheetah females are often mated by a coalition (bachelor group) of males while leopard females generally have a single mate.

The clones will not be leopard-cheetah hybrids, they will be pure cheetahs.

The fact that their mitochondrial DNA is likely to be from the leopard egg cell does not make them hybrids.

What is the difference between cheetah and leopard and jaguar?

– First of all, a clear difference between the three felids is their location.

On the one hand, the cheetah lives in Africa, the leopard in India, and the jaguar in America.

Although, it is also common to find the leopard in Africa.

The latter is the smallest of the three, but has great strength in its claws, allowing it to climb its prey into trees.

Which the cheetah and jaguar cannot achieve. However, the largest of the three is the cheetah, which can grow to two meters.

And also, the fastest. It can reach 115 kilometers per hour in just three seconds.

Another difference is that the leopard has smaller dark specks than the jaguar and in turn, they differ from the cheetah by being rectangular.

However, the jaguar’s skin is the finest and most lucid.

The two black lines that the cheetah has on its face also differentiate it from the other two wild cats.

Also, they are very characteristic because they protrude from the eyes and reach the chin.

And finally, in terms of weight, a leopard usually weighs 70 kilos and a cheetah 60 kilos, while the jaguar can reach 100 kilos.

Can a lion kill a leopard?

Yes, lions have been known to kill leopards.

Who is a faster cheetah leopard or jaguar?

Although both are formidable animals, their physical structure is not the same. Therefore, their capacities are not the same.

The cheetah has the honor of being the fastest mammal in the animal world and can reach 100 km / h in short distances.

This incredible ability is only possible thanks to a slim and elegant body. His legs are long, muscular, and extremely flexible;

while its non-retractable claws ensure a good grip on the ground during your sprints.

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